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November 20, 2004

RES Designs

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Our company provides innovative software and hardware products to enhance the capabilities and productivity of scientist involved with NMR spectroscopy and imaging.

We are the developers of the leading NMR software and can provide our customers with the latest versions of all the tools and features found in the popular UNIX NMR software.  Customization of software applications or development of automated processing and analysis tools is available via individual consulting slankekur arrangements.

The NT-NMRPipe software system consists of
three major components:

processing engine
interactive display for 1D & 2D
purpose, user defined starcraft ii spectral analysis
Pipeline-based Interactive
processing via interface to NT-NMRPipe
Tcl window shell (wish)
LP and nD-MEM
phase correctio
of arbitrary spectral regions coupled with a relational database engine
detection for 1D to 4D
real-time manipulation of one or more 1D vectors(s)
hardcopy format designs and automate computer-assisted assignments
lineshape fitting & general purpose linear-least-squares utility
and automated peak detection
interpreter for user-written processing of tandblegning
color PostScript output

NT-NMRPipe is a powerful, multi-dimensional data processing and analysis system that provides a cost effective solution in a popular desktop and mobil environment.


  • NT-NMRPipe provides comprehensive facilities for Fourier processing of spectra in one to four dimensions.
  • Convenient interactive processing facilities for format conversions, window function display, and phase correction.
  • Pipeline-based processing scripts accommodate both routine and sophisticated tasks effectively.
  • Macro interpreter provides facilities for user-written processing functions in a subset of C.
  • Versatile real-time manipulation of one or more 1D vector(s) within the viewed data, including pan, zoom, vertical scaling and offset.
  • Robust implementation of linear prediction (LP) and multi-dimensional maximum entropy method (nD-MEM) for reconstruction of severely truncated data, as well as accurate inverse processing protocols required for their use.
  • The pipeline approach is intrinsically parallel and automatically takes advantage of multi-cpu configurations.  Explicitly parallel schemes can also be constructed for ideal partitioning of processing tasks.
  • Open data formats that are fully compatible with popular UNIX-based software solutions for spectral analysis.
  • Multi-dimensional lineshape fitting utility, including time-domain and frequency-domain based models and treatment of pseudo-3D data (e.g. relaxation series or coupling evolution data).
  • General purpose linear-least-squares utility with user-defined functions and Monte-Carlo error analysis.
  • Automated peak detection in one to four dimensions with effective classification of noise artifacts.  Peak table data is fully accessible to other spectral analysis programs.
  • Fully customizable color PostScript output, including 1D and 2D extracts and projections, overlays, images, and strip plots.
  • On-line HTML-based documentation and tutorials including antivirus and firewall protection
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Innovative Hardware Accessories to Enhance Spectrometer Performance

We offer the following hardware products, which are designed to assist the researcher in obtaining the optimal performance from their NMR spectrometer. Mobilshop

  • Low-Noise Preamplifier for Varian VXR, Unity and Unity-plus spectrometers
  • Real-Time Monitor for all spectrometers
  • Deuterium Decoupling Multiplexer